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Bonds are commonly viewed as highly attractive investment products due to their nature to preserve investors' capital and to pay coupons periodically when being held to maturity. As bonds generally do not move in tandem with stock investments, they provide more diversification for bondholders as compared to having one asset class. With different types of bonds such as developed sovereign bonds, quasi-sovereign bonds, investment-grade corporate bonds and non-investment grade corporate bonds, having bonds in your portfolio can provide you with better risk-adjusted returns than having a portfolio with just one asset class. Our platform is regularly updated with the latest list of bonds that you can purchase, enabling you to respond swiftly to potential investment opportunities.

Why Should You Invest In Bonds?

Stable Interest Income

Bonds act as an avenue to provide a certain income stream (known as coupons) to the investor. This reliability of income is not usually found with dividends from shares. Upon maturity, the bond holder gets the principal amount that was invested in the bond.

Capital Preservation

Bonds have a defined lifespan period, from its issuance till its maturity. During the life of a bond, its price may fluctuate while it is traded on the secondary market. However, if bondholders hold a bond until maturity, they are guaranteed to receive the principal of the bond, barring the risk of default. Investing in bonds can help preserve investors' capital, while receiving coupon payments periodically.


Generally, bonds do not move in tandem with stock investments and they provide more diversification for bondholders as compared to having one asset class. Hence, bonds can provide investors with better risk-adjusted returns than a portfolio with just one asset class.

Portfolio Stabiliser

Bonds can play a role as a portfolio stabiliser particularly during market downturns. During the past stock market crashes, bonds were generally able to deliver excellent resilience, thanks to its steady and predictable cash flows which helped to soften the fluctuations of bond prices. Therefore, including bonds can help enhance the resilience of your portfolio.


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