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We have planned out a series of events and activities for you and your clients.

For Wealth Advisers

At iGP, we recognise the need for you to constantly improve your financial knowledge and to be updated with the latest trends and developments in the industry and the products available in the market. That's why we organise regular market update and product trainings for you.

  • iGP Monthly Market Updates

    The monthly market meeting provides updates on the latest developments in the global markets. Fund managers are also invited to share their views on the market outlook, their fund performance and the launch of new funds. In addition, our research team will also provide quarterly updates on the performance of the recommended portfolios.

  • Regular Updates From Fund Houses

    We organise regular fund talks with fund houses so that we can have a first-hand account from the fund managers on their market views, investing strategies and their fund performance.

  • iGP Development Courses

    We offer in-house investment courses on topics such as asset allocation strategies and we work with external course providers to offer wealth advisers with courses on alternative investments.

  • iFAST Global Wealth Advisers Symposium

    In today's fast changing world, industry practitioners in the wealth management industry face constant challenges resulting from changes in the competitive landscape, market conditions, industry innovations and regulatory changes. To remain relevant, wealth advisers and product providers need to have a good understanding of the changes that are likely to happen going forward.

    To help wealth advisers stay updated and stay ahead of the game, iFAST will be organising an annual symposium - the iFAST Global Wealth Advisers Symposium.

    The symposium brings together wealth advisers from Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia, so that they can exchange experiences and ideas on the different forms of business models in the various countries. Speakers will share their experiences on the private banking industry, and the latest trends and products in the more established markets.

For Clients

We organise the following events and activities for your clients.

  • Investment Seminars

    We work with the various product providers to organise regular investment seminars and forums, including:

    • What & Where To Invest Seminar, where we invite various fund managers to share their market outlook for the year

    • Mid-year Investment Forum where we invite various fund managers to do a mid-year review on the markets

  • Monthly Client Dinners

    We organise monthly client dinners to update clients on the latest developments in the markets. We will invite different fund managers to share with us their views and investing strategies at each session.

  • Ask The Fund Manager Session

    We organise a quarterly "Ask the fund manager session" where we invite a few fund managers to share with us their views on different topics. Clients will be able to get direct investment insights from the fund managers and understand the different investing styles and strategies of the various fund managers.

  • Wine Appreciation Sessions

    We organise monthly wine appreciation sessions where both wealth advisers and clients have the opportunity to try out the different grades of wine produced from different vineyards, and learn more about topics related to wine investing.


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