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Wide selection of underlying funds from different fund managers on iGP

We offer you the fund of funds (FOF) creation service to help wealth advisers create and manage their own fund for their clients. Our FOF creation service allows you to create an investment fund that invests into a portfolio of underlying funds from different fund houses.

We offer a cost-efficient solution to manage the cost incurred in setting up an FOF; from liaising with external parties (e.g., fund managers, trustee, law firms) to providing you with a transaction platform for transacting the underlying funds on the FOF, and a distribution channel to distribute the funds on the iGP platform.

An FOF allows you to ride on the expertise of various fund managers and have exposure to different asset classes and investment styles of various fund managers in a single FOF. You are able to decide on the investment mandate of the FOF and implement strategic asset allocation changes more efficiently by rebalancing on the FOF level.

Advantages of setting up FOF using iGP platform

  • Greater convenience & substantial savings

  • Provide Custodian services and transactional platform for EFM to put through transactions of underlying funds and maintain client's records

  • Consolidated Statements for trustee, EFM and the end-investors
    Instead of receiving many confirmation notes and statements from the underlying fund managers, the EFM and Trustee will receive a consolidated statement and confirmation note from iGP

  • Wide range of underlying funds on iGP platform

  • Easy monitoring of underlying funds online


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