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23 Oct 2020 [iFAST] iFAST Corp reports record high net profit and AUA in 3Q2020, underpinned by its position as a strong integrated digital wealth management platform
23 Jul 2020 [iFAST] iFAST Corp achieves record net profit and AUA as digital adoption accelerates in the wealth management industry
18 Jun 2020 [iFAST] iFAST Corp among nine digital wholesale bank applicants to progress to next stage of assessment
23 Apr 2020 [iFAST] iFAST Corp: Record high profit and revenue in 1Q2020 despite major sell-off in financial markets globally
21 Feb 2020 [iFAST] iFAST Singapore clinches its second consecutive “Fastest Growing SGX-ST Member” award
20 Feb 2020 [iFAST] Championing transparency standards: iFAST Corp to continue quarterly reporting on a voluntary basis
2 Feb 2020 [iFAST] iFAST Corp’s AUA and net revenue reached record high level, with profitability improving in 4Q2019
3 Jan 2020 [iFAST] iFAST Corp Reaches AUA Milestone of S$10 Billion
31 Oct 2019 [iFAST] iFAST Corp’s AUA grew 17.3% YTD to a record high of S$9.44 billion as at 30 September 2019; YoY decline in net profit narrowed in 3Q2019
25 Oct 2019 [China] iFAST China and Raffles Family Office Form Joint Venture to Better Serve the Booming Ultra High Net Worth Market in China
27 Jul 2019 [iFAST] iFAST Corp achieved record AUA of S$9.04 billion as at 30 June 2019
24 Jul 2019 [iFAST] iFAST Corporation Ltd. Bags Two Awards at the Singapore Corporate Awards 2019
22 Jul 2019 [Singapore] iFAST Global Markets Brings Fintech Innovation Changes To Empower the “Adviser of the Future”
27 Apr 2019 [iFAST] iFAST Corp: A weak start to 2019 but AUA hit record high of S$8.75 billion as at 31 March 2019
4 Apr 2019 [Malaysia] iFAST Capital Malaysia First To Launch Retail Bonds Under New Securities Commission Seasoning Framework. Investors Can Invest From As Low As RM1,000.
20 Feb 2019 [iFAST] iFAST Corp reports healthy growth in 2018, with net revenue increasing 20.6% YoY and net profit rising 41.7% YoY
14 Feb 2019 [Singapore] iFAST Singapore Clinched “Fastest Growing SGX-ST Member” Award at the SGX Annual Awards Night 2019
15 Jan 2019 [Singapore] FSMOne.com Makes Account Opening Process Instant with MyInfo Integration
27 Oct 2018 [iFAST] AUA Grew 18.7% YoY to S$8.50 billion as at 30 Sep 2018; 9M2018 Net Profit Rose 40.4% YoY
28 Jul 2018 [iFAST] 1H2018 Net Profit Grew 46.1% YoY Bolstered by Strengthening Fintech Ecosystem
19 Jul 2018 [iFAST] iFAST Corp Clinched “Best Investor Relations - Silver Award” at the Singapore Corporate Awards 2018
2 Jul 2018 [Singapore] FSMOne.com Offers Lowest-In-Town 0.08% Commission Rate in SGX / HKEX Stocks
28 Apr 2018 [iFAST] Record S$8.07 billion AUA drove 52.6 % YoY increase in 1Q2018 Net Profit
16 Apr 2018 [Singapore] FSMOne.com Offers S$10* Flat Fee on SGX-listed Stocks and ETFs, Making Investing Even More Affordable Amidst Volatile Market Conditions
14 Feb 2018 [iFAST] iFAST Corp’s AUA reached another record high level of S$7.58 billion as at 31 Dec 2017 with net profit increasing 65.9% YoY in FY2017
8 Dec 2017 [Singapore] FSMOne Now Offers US Stockbroking Services
28 Oct 2017 [iFAST] iFAST Corp saw fifth consecutive quarter of record AUA levels, which reached S$7.16 billion as at 30 Sep 2017; net profit increased 51.9% YoY in 9M2017
28 Jul 2017 [iFAST] iFAST Corp: AUA at record high of S$6.81 billion and net profit increased 76.1% YoY in 1H2017
14 Jul 2017 [Singapore] iFAST Singapore Launches Stocks Platform to Support FA Industry's Phase 2 of Growth
23 Jun 2017 [Singapore] FSMOne's Launch Of SGX Stockbroking Service: Unique Business Model Enables Positive Disruption For Investor Community
28 Apr 2017 [iFAST] iFAST Corp Reached a Record High AUA of S$6.46billion, with Net Profit Increasing 60.7% YoY in 1Q2017
17 Feb 2017 [iFAST] iFAST Corp reached a record high AUA of S$6.1 billion, but 2016 profitability affected by poor 1st half and China start-up losses
8 Dec 2016 [Singapore] Fundsupermart.com launches FSMOne, a transparent and seamless way for the investors community in Singapore to invest in multiple products via one account
28 Oct 2016 [iFAST] iFAST Corp (ex-China) reports improved 3Q2016 net profit (+59.3% QoQ), on the back of better net revenue and record Assets under Administration (AUA)
29 Jul 2016 [iFAST] iFAST Corp Reports Decline of 40.5% YoY in 1H2016 Net Profit Due to Higher Expenses to Broaden the Platform’s Capabilities and Adverse Market Conditions
8 Jul 2016 [Singapore] Fundsupermart.com Launches Unique Service that Allows Investors to Request for Latest Corporate Bond Prices
5 Jul 2016 [iFAST] Marching 6,045km for Charity in Australia
25 May 2016 [iFAST] Support iWALK Initiative: Conquering over 6000km to Raise Funds for Oxfam Charity
29 Apr 2016 [iFAST] iFAST Corp Reports Decline of 58.4% YoY in 1Q2016 Net Profit Amidst Negative Market Sentiment and Business Expansion Plans
11 Apr 2016 [Singapore] iFAST Corp Signs Share Subscription Agreement to Acquire a Proposed 21.47% Stake in the holding company of iFAST India Platform Business
18 Feb 2016 [Singapore] iFAST Corp Reports a YoY Increase of 15.1% in FY2015 Net Profit to S$12.10 Million
14 Dec 2015 [Hong Kong] 奕豐基金平台另類策略搶佔中港互認市場
10 Nov 2015 [Hong Kong] FSM: Private-Bank Investment Portfolio Service at Affordable Prices
29 Oct 2015 [Singapore] iFAST Corp reports a Year-on-Year increase of 21.3% in 9M2015 Net Profit to S$9.24 million
19 Oct 2015 [China] iFAST Corp's Wholly-Owned China Subsidiary Awarded A Funds Distributor Qualification In China
19 Oct 2015 [Singapore] iFAST Corporation Ltd. Receives "Most Transparent Company Award 2015, New Issues Catagory" at the SIAS Investors' Choice Awards 2015
29 Jul 2015 [Singapore] iFAST Corp Reports a Year-on-Year Increase of 35.2% in 1H2015 Net Profits
9 Jul 2015 [Singapore] iFAST Corporation Ltd. Receives “Best Investor Relations - Merit Award” in the Singapore Corporate Awards 2015
21 May 2015 [Singapore] iFAST Corp - Investors and Wealth Advisers Now Have Access to Bonds and ETFs on iFAST Singapore
29 Apr 2015 [Singapore] iFAST Corp: Net profit rose 49.1% YoY in 1Q2015
12 Feb 2015 [Singapore] iFAST Corp reports FY2014 adjusted net profit of S$10.51 million (excluding IPO expenses)
11 Dec 2014 [SIngapore] iFAST Corporation Ltd. (Stock Code: AIY) officially listed on the SGX-ST Mainboard on 11th December 2014
10 Dec 2014 [Singapore] iFAST Corporation Ltd. IPO Shares Approximately 12.4 Times Subscribed
6 Dec 2014 [Singapore] iFAST Corporation Ltd. Held IPO Event for Retail Investors on 6 December*
4 Dec 2014 [Singapore] iFAST Corporation Ltd. Launches Initial Public Offering
4 Dec 2014 [Singapore] iFAST prices IPO at S$0.95 per share
12 Nov 2014 [Hong Kong] iFAST Metro Race 2014 - More Than 600 People Ran in the Dark for Charity
1 Sep 2014 [Singapore] Fundsupermart Takes Aim at Growing HNWI Assets with FSM+
26 Aug 2014 [Singapore] Fundsupermart Announces Landmark Change in Unit Trust Sales
28 Feb 2014 [Hong Kong] iFAST Recognises Top Advisers in "iFAST Wealth Advisers Awards 2014"
18 Jan 2014 [Malaysia] Fundsupermart.com Unit Trust Investment Fair: What & Where to Invest in 2014
16 Aug 2013 [Hong Kong] iFAST Metro Race 2013 - City Chase. Charity Race.
14 Jul 2013 [Malaysia] Fundsupermart.com Recommended Unit Trusts Awards 2013/14
26 Jan 2013 [Malaysia] Fundsupermart.com Unit Trust Investment Fair: What & Where to Invest in 2013
18 Sep 2012 [Hong Kong] FSM Launches “Bond Fund @ 0%”
15 Mar 2012 [Malaysia] Fundsupermart.com Malaysia: Launch of New Website Feature, "Are Your Funds The Best In The Industry"
14 Jan 2012 [Malaysia] Fundsupermart.com Unit Trust Investment Fair: What & Where to Invest 2012
14 Dec 2011 [Hong Kong] iFAST Financial Receives 2011 Wealth Management Awards
22 Jun 2011 [Malaysia] Fundsupermart Malaysia Launches its New FSM Mobile App
3 Dec 2010 [Hong Kong] iFAST Financial Receives 2010 Wealth Management Awards
4 Feb 2010 [Malaysia] Southeast Asia’s Largest Online Unit Trust Distributor Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary and Shares its Vision for Malaysia
4 Nov 2009 [Singapore] Singapore Welcomes its First Independent Wealth Management Platform for High Net Worth Individuals - iGP
4 Nov 2009 Singapore welcomes its first independent wealth management platform for High Net Worth Individuals
12 May 2009 [Hong Kong] iFAST To Rename ING Platform Services After Acquisition
4 Sep 2008 iFAST Capital launches Fundsupermart.com, Malaysia’s first portal for unit trust distribution
24 Jul 2008 [Hong Kong] iFAST to Start a Revolution in the IFA and Fund Industry
19 Jan 2008 [Singapore] Fundsupermart.com and NTU-IIC Inaugurate Singapore’s First Virtual Student-Managed Investment Fund
18 Sep 2007 [Hong Kong] Fundsupermart.com Launches New USD Cash Account
29 Jan 2007 [Singapore] Fundsupermart.com to Introduce New Cash Fund
6 Jul 2006 [Singapore] Fundsupermart.com Launches Chinese Website
10 Aug 2005 [Singapore] Financial Advisers Go Wireless - iSIGN and iPASS
15 Dec 2003 [Singapore] Singapore Government Bonds Now Available Online!

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