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iFAST Financial Pte Ltd is Singapore's leading wealth management platform. In Singapore, iFAST supports more than 2,000 financial adviser representatives from over 50 financial institutions (financial companies, insurance companies, and stock broking firms) and independent financial advisory (IFA) firms.

In a short span of less than 10 years, we have grown very rapidly in Singapore and in the region, driven by iFAST's mission statement: 'To Help Investors Around The World Invest Globally And Profitably'.

In recent years, the iFAST group has expanded regionally into Hong Kong, Malaysia and China. Over 150 financial institutions and IFA firms, with more than 3,000 representatives, use the iFAST platforms in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

Increasingly in the region and around the world, there is a group of sophisticated and wealthy investors who demand more product choices and service standards. These investors seek access to quality products from fund managers in various jurisdictions around the world, not limited by what is available in Singapore. They seek exposure to different kinds of access classes available globally, be it equities, fixed income, or alternative asset classes. These investments could be funds, stocks, bonds or structured products.

Above all, sophisticated investors demand quality, unbiased advice from wealth advisers whose interests are aligned with theirs: to grow the assets of the investors.

To cater to this group of investors and wealth advisers servicing them, iFAST has decided to launch a new platform: iFAST Global Prestige (iGP). 'Global' because this platform will cater to investors from around the world who want to use Singapore as a wealth management centre, and because there are products from various jurisdictions around the world in different currency denominations.

'Prestige' because this platform caters to the higher net worth individuals who demand quality products and advice spanning not just funds, but also direct securities (stocks and bonds) and structured products. This group of investors are often willing to pay fees (typically AUA-based fees) to ensure that the wealth advisers' interests are aligned with theirs.

iGP's key target wealth advisers are:

  • Private banks, particularly those adopting a fee-based business model through wrap accounts to ensure that their relationship managers' interests are well aligned with clients' interests;
  • Independent Financial Advisers and/or Independent Wealth Advisers servicing higher net worth clients; and
  • Other financial institutions with premier wealth management departments.

We believe that in addition to the private banks, independent wealth advisers will be able to do well in servicing the higher net worth individuals. What is needed is a good supporting infrastructure to enable that to happen, and iGP is here to provide that.

Independent Asset Managers in Switzerland (IAMs), who started to grow in the 1980s, highlight the potential capabilities of independent wealth advisers. According to a study/survey conducted by Dr Christian Bührer in 2004, as extracted from the Swiss Association of Asset Managers website, IAMs, who manage the assets of wealthy private clients and advise them in matters of finance and capital, today manage an estimated 500 billion Swiss Francs (USD480 billion), or about 14% of the securities in bank deposits in Switzerland. Most of the 2,600 IAM enterprises are small in terms of number of employees per enterprise (only 3.7), but big in terms of average earnings (468,000 Swiss Francs per employee).

Tapping into Singapore's unique strength as a key wealth management centre in Asia, iGP will be another key driver of growth for iFAST as the leading platform of choice in Singapore's wealth management industry. Our strategy is simple: we provide you with the best all-round support, so you can focus on building enduring client relationships and providing quality service and advice.


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